Project Information

The City of Manitowoc has a high-quality, mixed-use downtown featuring several destinations that draw visitors and tourists from a wide radius. The downtown is the heart of the City, a link to its rich history, and the key to its future.

The City of Manitowoc is undertaking the important process of developing a downtown master plan because it recognizes that there is a significant potential to increase the quality of life for all members of the community and attract new residents, businesses and investment to Manitowoc. A downtown master plan created through an open public process will result in a clearly defined plan for moving the downtown forward while maintaining the character and values that are important to the community.

This process will be take about six to eight months and include several opportunities for public participation. Early on in the project there will be a workshop and an online survey to collect information from the public about what is important to the community and where people would like to see changes. As concepts and strategies get developed, the public will have a chance, through this website and a second workshop, to provide feedback to help refine and direct the development of the plan.

Get Involved

This website will be the home for project information including key project dates and opportunities to participate, and links to surveys and materials for review. Your participation is critical to the success of this process and your input is welcome at any point.


Project Overview